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Refining A Golf Swing

One of the most important aspects of playing golf is refining the golf swing The golf swing is a vital tool that is used to deliver the golf ball down a fairway and it can be used by a golfer to find a way out of a sand trap or two

Snowboarding Safety Tips

Before you head out on the slopes, you should take the time to check all of your equipment to make sure that it is working properly This includes checking your snowboard to make sure that the bindings are secure and that there are many ridges on the bottom of the board that could get caught on rough patches

Golf Games With A Twist

Golf is a centuries-old game, but over the years there have been several variations designed Everyone can play 'let's hit a ball with a stick' – there are several options available, so that no matter what your age or skill level, you can find an enjoyable and challenging game
Bad Legs: Bad Legs are a very common condition amongst racehorses To really get to grips with what is involved when training a horse in preparation to race, we should make a comparison with the process that is undergone when training human athletes For example, what might have happened if Seb Coe had tried to run in the 100m
Golfers didn't used to focus so much on fitness as part of their golf training It seemed unnecessary to spend your time doing stretches and exercises that worked out parts of the body that weren't "golf-specific
Proving that love is blind, Manchester City fans are officially the Premier
League’s top dreamers and optimists, according to a national football
report launched today.

The ‘Football Fan-tasy’ report, an in-depth study by Littlewoods Football
Pools, measures fans’ dreams and expectations against the reality of their
clubs’ recent performances on the pitch, to finally uncover which fans live
in a world of fantasy.

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