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Simon Peters

Simon Peters is the owner of <a href="http://on-data-backup.com" title="http://on-data-backup.com" target="_blank">http://on-data-backup.com</a>, it is THE best source for advice on the subject on backing up your data, nothing to sell, just information . . .

 Articles by this Author

It is not that difficult to store computer data, and it does not take a lot of space On the other hand, data storage management can offer challenges beyond where it is stored
Once there was a time when a person or company’s files were placed in boxes, sealed with tape and placed into a warehouse With today’s movement to digital media, data storage solutions, while requiring less physical space, present additional challenges

The USB Data Storage Strategy

The cutting-edge USB data storage devices make data storage easier and more portable While the contents of everyone’s computer are unique in nature, the need to store, transport and archive data is almost universal
Software used to run your business can be reloaded either locally or through your business network in the event of a crash of your system However, daily transactions or business correspondence will be lost unless you have data backup systems that will save that information daily

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