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Graham Fisher

Graham is a forty-six year old married man with three sons. He lives in Salisbury in England and is a freelance writer. His main love is football (soccer) and would love regular work writing about that subject. Visit www.grahamfisher.ws See his football blog at: http://viewsofafan.blogspot.com/

 Articles by this Author

Who for the Toon?

Speculation reaches fever pitch over who will be the new manager of Newcastle United.

Standard of referees

Is the standard of refereeing high enough?

Innocent or not guilty?

Does the British legal system protect the innocent, or the guilty?

Grand Slam Sunday

The top four teams in England played each other on Sunday (16th December). What did we learn from these games?

Is Capello fab for England?

Fabio Capello is to be the new England football manager. Is he the right choice?

What happened to real football?

An article bemoaning the passing of the 'old days of football'. A look at the days when we could stand on the terrace, and imagine playing on the pitch. Why did it seem so much better then?

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