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Starting A Home Business?

Are you looking at starting a home business?

Forex Basics

The first thing to notice about currency prices in the Forex market is that there are two of them, called the bid price and the ask price The second thing to notice is that they don’t favor you, the trader; they favor the broker, because that’s how he makes his money
When you execute a Forex trade, you are purchasing an amount of currency, termed a lot The amount of currency in one lot depends upon the type of account you have
Small businesses that miss tax payments due to financial pressure from the
credit squeeze could be hit by annual interest and surcharges of 24 per
Cash-strapped businesses should avoid the temptation to fund trading with
money earmarked for the tax man, warns a turnaround specialist.

Although often done with the intention of catching up in subsequent months,
the practice is a high-risk strategy if the business continues to
Cable & Wireless and Vodafone UK today announced a landmark partnership deal.  

In a two-year agreement worth £40 million, Cable & Wireless will provide a
range of professional and IP network services that work toward aligning
both of the companies’ next generation network strategies.
Guildford, United Kingdom - 24 August 2007 – Becoming carbon neutral can be hugely beneficial for winning new business, revealed dedicated web hosting company, Memset.  The web host qualified as the UK’s first carbon-neutral ISP with the Carbon Neutral Company in August 2006.  Since gaining the certification, they have seen business increase by 68% year on year.

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