Not a day goes by at the moment without hearing news of the latest high profile retailer to go to the dogs, or so it seems.

Comet have gone and Jessops went into Administration and closed all its shops last week.

We now hear that HMV and Blockbuster have also gone into Administration, but hope a buyer is hiding around the corner.

So, does this perfectly illustrate the state of the High Street, the changing face or British retail, or a combination of both?

Ask yourself:
  1. If you listen to music,
    when was the last time you purchased a CD from HMV rather than download it from iTunes?
  2. If you use a camera, did you pop into Jessops to see what was on offer and then go home to order it from Amazon or another online retailer?
  3. When did you last rent a DVD?

I don't know about you, but my answers to these questions don't exactly look encouraging for "bricks and mortar" retailers.

What do you think? Are your shopping habits changing? Are you shopping more online than on the High Street?

Which shop do you think is next for the scrapheap?