First off I must say that the iPad is fantastic.

Yes it's only version 1 and yes version 2 will surely attend to a few of the shorcomings, but as that's not likely to happen until 2011 the 2010 iPad is fine for now.

However, connecting the iPad to the Three mobile network (in the UK) was a painful affair taking almost three days of calls to Three's call centre somewhere in India. But that's another story!

The reason for this blog entry is to talk about one of the short-comings of the iPad... printing.

As an iPad user, access to monthly bills is through the My3 service. Using this you can view bills online. Great for saving paper but not so great when you have an accountants on your back wanting paper bills for your accounts.

The bills displayed through My3 are PDF, but as it's not possible to print these from the iPad (or email them to a computer and print them from there) I tried registering for the My3 service on an Apple laptop.

To register for My3 you enter the mobile number associated with the iPad's SIM card and the last 6 digits of the SIM card number. This is straightforward, but then a message appears to say that a password will be sent to t
he mobile phone. This isn't a mobile phone, it's an iPad! So no password is received closing another possible avenue to printing bills.

To cut an already long story short, I have spent 45 minutes talking to various departments at the aforementioned Three call centre in India. They confirmed that I cannot register to access the My3 service on my laptop (well, that's not entirely true, but the work around involves buying an adapter to put the iPad micro-SIM into an iPhone and registering from there - not exactly acceptable!)

So Three have now agreed to send out paper copies of monthly bills at no cost (I believe they usually charge for paper bills).

Surely I cannot be the only iPad owner who needs printed copies of bills for accounting purposes. If Apple and Three are going after the corporate market with the iPad hardware and mobile broadband service respectively, then Apple need to address the issue of printing from the iPad and Three need to allow users to register for access to My3 from a laptop connected to a printer.

Another frustrating experience made just a small amount less frustrating when I remond myself what a great product the iPad is and what a generous mobile broadband package Three offers compared with the competition (10Gb per month for £15)