Herefordshire Council’s contractor Amey is calling on county residents to help in the fight against litter and help make Herefordshire a better place to live in.

Ruth Kinsella, Amey’s watchman in chief, told members of the environmental scrutiny committee on Monday, April 19, that while Amey will continue to clear litter on behalf of the council, it would be better if it was not dropped in the first place.

Colin Frampton (Street Scene Supervisor), Angela Morgan and Andrew Gunner (both Streetscene Operatives) with the bags of rubbish collected by Amey on the A40.“There is a significant cost to clearing up litter and we could help reduce this if people use existing litter bins or took their rubbish home with them.

“Amey has just cleared a staggering 332 bags of litter from a stretch of the A40 as part of our twice-yearly clear-up of major road routes,” she added.

As part o
f their campaign to get residents more involved in helping to address litter, Amey issues litter packs to communities and has supported numerous volunteers in carrying out community litter picks. Amey can also help by collecting the litter picked up by volunteers.

Amey has also targeted supermarkets and fast food outlets to get a co-ordinated response to littering and will also be supporting a campaign targeting litter on the Rotherwas Industrial Estate.

Richard Ball, Herefordshire Council’s assistant director, added:  “We need to engender a sense of pride in the community so we can tackle litter and make the best of the available resources.  We will work with communities to help themselves and then share what we learn with other communities who want to start raising community pride in their own areas.”

As part of their own working practices, Amey has taken out a year-long hire agreement on an Aquazura Scrubbing Machine which will be used to deep-clean grime and dirt embedded in paving stones and help to combat the problem of chewing gum deposits.

The machine is going to target High Town in Hereford first and will then be moved out to the market towns throughout the year on a rotational basis.