Herefordshire Council’s service partners Amey are celebrating an outstanding health and safety record.

Amey, who carry out a wide range of services on behalf of the council including maintaining more than 2,000 miles of highways, have just attained a zero AIR (accident incident rate).

The AIR is a specific measure, based on the number of employees within the business against the level of accidents and incidents that must legally be reported to the national Health and Safety Executive.

Geoff Hughes, Herefordshire Council’s director of regeneration, said: “I would like to congratulate Amey for this exemplary health and safety record. It is really good to see one of the county’s largest employers with a staff of 500 taking health and safety so seriously.

“The fact their role involves maintaining some 2,000 miles of highways makes it even more remarkable t
hat they have managed this without having any reportable accidents,” he added.  
Amey has ensured safe working practices by increasing and continually developing site safety visits that are carried out by the businesses management team.

Other areas of improvement include the procurement of better vehicles, plant and equipment, improving personal protective equipment, developing and reviewing operational safety documentation and most importantly listening to what is being said by operational staff which allows the business to further develop its safety culture.

Amey employees are actively encouraged to question and challenge any unsafe working practices, and report “near misses” with a view to preventing anything more serious occurring.

Mark Thomas, service director for Amey said, “I am delighted to confirm that we have attained an AIR of Zero and have now reached a safety benchmark of which we can all be immensely proud.”