Statistics from the latest Barclays Personal Loans research shows that over seven per cent of the UK adult population are active caravanners or campers - equating to over three million people in England and Wales.

Barclays Personal Loans has reported that spending has also soared in recent years with campers and caravanners spending an average of £382 a year on equipment, holidays, membership and subscriptions relating to camping and caravanning - over 50 per cent more than five years ago.

The idea that caravanning and camping is a passion of older people is laid to rest by the Barclays research with almost two thirds of the segment under the age of 40 and those in their 30's being the most active segment (26%).

According to the research caravanners on aver
age are wealthier than the population at large. The average income per head is £32,725 compared to £25,400 for the population as a whole, making caravanners on average nearly 30 per cent wealthier than non-caravanners.

Gary Duggan, managing director for Barclays Personal Loans, said: "It is clear that camping and caravanning are experiencing something of a revival, despite the distinctly unfriendly camping weather we have experienced this summer! With holidaymakers shunning traditional package holidays in favour of more independent breaks and keen to support the UK tourist industry, camping or caravanning is a great alternative. Modern day caravans now come with all the mod cons and luxuries you would expect from a home on wheels and caravanners are happy to spend large sums of money on them as is evident from these statistics."